Massmann Studios is a church design and renovation company. We use only the highest quality material and artisans, while at the same time the most cost effective means possible. No matter what size job or budget you have, we are able to help.


Our Philosophy

It is our philosophy that the building, renovating, and appointing of churches is the bringing together of the arts and sciences so that transcendence meets immanence, creating a distinctively spiritual sanctuary. We believe the space you worship in tells a story about your theology. It is our desire to help you connect the space with your faith.

Specializing in the service of “liturgical churches” we strive to honor the ancient and modern traditions of your particular worshiping community’s rites and space, while bringing those traditions into relevancy. It is the faith and rite of the worshiping community that dictate all features of our design process.

Liturgical Design Consultation

An extremely important component to a building/renovating project that is often overlooked is a liturgical design consultant. At Massmann Studios we offer full service liturgical design consultation. We can work with you from the beginning to help form a building/renovating committee. We can continue through the process with workshops on the history and theology of the worship space. And we can help in finalizing the details of the worship space with congregational consensus.

Our experienced liturgical design consultant will also coordinate your community’s desires with the artisans’ designs and material choices. His goal is to help make sure that your church design and its’ interior isn’t generic, but a space that is custom designed to your faith and worshiping function.



Exterior Design

Many architectural firms claim to specialize in liturgical design. Massmann Studios is a liturgical design studio that specializes in architecture. There is a great difference between the two! Our motto is “Form, follows Function, follows Faith.” Our architect understands that what you believe dictates what you do in worship, and that dictates what your building, largely, will look like. This is in keeping with our philosophy: we strive to design a building with rich tradition and symbolism while embracing the 21st century.

Interior Design

Seating patterns, lighting, acoustical services, flooring, colors, and liturgical artwork are all determined by our philosophy that your community’s faith and rites dictate your space’s design. Psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual influences are also always considered so that the space does not hinder your worship, but enhances it in every way possible.


Custom Woodwork

Massmann Studios designs and creates your appointments using either local or exotic woods. All appointments are custom designed ensuring that no two are alike. We can produce for you a simple wood product, a more complex wood product with carvings and inlays, or even a wood piece combined with stone to enhance your space even more.



Custom Doors

One of the first things visitors, as well as members, see when they drive into your church parking lot is your church entrance. Specializing in distinctive church doors, Massmann Studios believes that doors should serve a deeper purpose than just letting people in and out. We believe doors should make a statement. A church door should let one know that they are about to enter into someplace special, someplace different than their place of work, a true sanctuary. For many, their experience worshiping God begins with a physical entrance into God’s house. Our custom doors, with or without stained glass, help prepare one for and enhance that experience.


Stained Glass

As eyes are to the soul…windows are to a church. Massmann Studios offers world class decorative and stained glass restoration, creation, and installation services. Our “glass man,” Ken Hardeman, is a third generation master craftsman and has products installed in five countries. His work ranges from a simple etched glass window in a door to full restoration of the Duke University Chapel windows. Whatever your glass needs, Massmann Studios can accommodate.

Project Management

Coordinating a project, whether a renovation or new install, is not an easy task. While many churches may be able to handle this process themselves, often strife can arise among congregational members if something doesn’t work out exactly as planned. Having an “outsider” responsible for all work coordination and timetables is a wise route to take. At Massmann Studios we can be that “outside expert.” With most artisans working either in or with our studios, it is much easier, not to mention time and cost effective, for us to manage the project for you, relieving you and your congregation of unneeded stress.