About Us

In early 2010, while his construction company was in the midst of assisting churches with building projects in Georgia, owner Mark Massmann desired a more unified way of creating informed congregational consensus when it came to the designing and building of liturgical spaces and appointments. He assembled a team to help in this venture. Handpicked for their expertise in various arts and science fields, the result is a liturgical design studio specializing in architecture. 

In Memory

1971-2012, Brent Brutlag, Co-Founder of Massmann Studios

Massmann Studios is honored to remember our friend and colleague, Brent Brutlag. His expertise in history, theology, tradition, and art, along with his experience with congregational operations, made him an effective liturgical consultant and project manager. Brent’s contribution to Massmann Studios continues to be a blessing to us.

1952-2018, Mark Massmann, Founder of Massmann Studios

On January 20, 2018, Mark Massmann passed away suddenly. God blessed Mark’s life in his vocations at home, church, work, and in the community.  Mark’s vision to serve churches continues to be an inspiration to us as Massmann Studios continues to serve churches,…. to the Glory of The Lord.