About the Team


In early 2010, while his construction company was in the midst of building churches in Georgia, owner Mark Massmann desired a more unified way of creating informed congregational consensus when it came to the designing and building of liturgical spaces and appointments. He took it upon himself to assemble a team of liturgical artisans to help in this venture. The result: A liturgical design studio specializing in architecture.

All employees and “sub-contractors” at Massmann Studios have been meticulously handpicked from the various arts and science fields for their liturgical design knowledge, experience, and recognized expertise. Some artisans are full time employees. Some artisans maintain their own business and work for Massmann Studios as “sub-contractors.” Regardless of their status, all artisans have agreed to be part of the Massmann Studios team and to put Massmann projects as a first priority, guaranteeing that your project is finished on your timetable.

The foundational staff is as follows:

Richard Skendzel


Richard Skendzel has studied and practiced architecture since entering architecture school in 1984. A native of Traverse City, Michigan, he has worked for architecture firms in London, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Boston, and has an extensive background in both the arts and technical subjects. Applying his educational experiences from the University of Notre Dame (Bachelor of Architecture degree, 1989) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Master of Science in Architecture Studies degree, 1994), Rick's approach to design combines attention to religious, practical, cultural, technical, and aesthetic issues affecting the built environment.

Rick's background and education have contributed to ongoing study and interest in Christian history and the liturgy. Stemming from his intense studies of the nature of sacred space and its implications for worship throughout history. Rick has engaged in church design projects ranging from whole church buildings to sanctuary interiors and liturgical furnishings, including a processional cross used at Sacred Heart Parish church on the campus of Notre Dame University. In his designs for religious spaces and appointments, Rick emphasizes both the art and the science of architecture, and combines attention to both the spiritual and the physical realities of places for Christian ritual.

Ken Hardeman

Master Glass Craftsman

Ken is a third generation decorative and stained glass artist and craftsman. His works, which consist of both his original designs and designs from his forefathers, are showcased in hundreds of churches throughout five countries.
Ken specializes in church window design, installation, and restoration. He has restored the glass for such buildings as the Duke University Chapel, as well as numerous governmental, private, and church buildings of all sizes. His liturgical knowledge coupled with his artist abilities has made him a valuable part of Massmann Studios.

Chris Wigginton


A native of Charleston, South Carolina, Chris spent the early years of his engineering career in Atlanta, Georgia, following graduation from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2002. He has practiced as a professional engineer since becoming licensed in 2007. His experience in different disciplines of engineering includes mechanical and civil site designs for an environmental consulting firm. As CEO and co-owner of a successful multidisciplinary engineering firm in Atlanta, he oversaw daily operations and engineering designs for municipal, commercial, and industrial clients throughout the United States.

Chris's extensive knowledge of the methods and techniques of building construction, in conjunction with sound engineering principles equips him for complex designs unique to Massmann Studios. His expertise in various types of engineering enables him to contribute ideas during each phase of a project; from design, determining cost effective budgets with respect to congregational financial limitations, to successful completion.

Doug Ciboro

Project Manager

Doug began his career in the construction industry in 1979. Throughout his extensive 35 year tenure, Doug has successfully managed and completed residential, industrial, historical restoration and commercial new build and remodel projects. His knowledge of the industry was primarily gained through hands-on field experience and owning and operating his own business.

In addition to his managing skills, Doug is a talented craftsman whose attention to details allows Massmann Studios to provide the highest of quality craftsmanship. For the past 2 years, Doug's project focus has been on the renovation and new construction of churches across the country. His recent projects include: University of Toledo-University Hall Theatre Remodel, The Hamlet-Historical Bridge Reconstruction, Resurrection Lutheran Church (Maumee, Ohio), Luther Chapel-WELS Admin (Waukesha, Wisconsin), Faith Lutheran Church (Sharpsburg, Georgia), Abiding Grace Lutheran Church (Covington, Georgia), and Trinity Lutheran Church (Minocqua, Wisconsin).

Matthew Staude


Matthew, a self taught woodworker, has combined a business degree and a passion for woodworking into a custom woodworking studio. He has been active in woodworking for the last 20 years. From small decorative boxes with hand cut dovetails, to clean and crisp lines of an Arts & Crafts table, to a master level sculpted rocking chair, Matthew brings expert craftsmanship and attention to detail to every piece. He has always enjoyed working with wood and appreciates that God has given us such a variety of wood species. He finds it very rewarding to create something truly special out of the unique and natural characteristics of wood.

The collaboration with Massmann Studios and building custom chancel furnishings has been a great relationship. Working together with master craftsman, architects, and design professionals brings a high level of detail to each piece that is truly beautiful, functional, and well built. Matthew has found great satisfaction in building custom wood furniture for churches. Knowing that these church pieces will likely be used for generations is both inspiring and humbling to him.

Matthew lives with his wife, Melissa, and their two children, Luke and Joshua, in Germantown, Wisconsin.

Antoinette Massmann


In Memory

Brent Brutlag (1971-2012)

It is fitting to acknowledge our dear friend and colleague, Brent Brutlag, a co-founder of Massmann Studios.

Shortly after obtaining his M. Div. in 1999, Brent began lecturing and consulting churches throughout North America on the subject of the theology of the worship space. His knowledge of history, liturgy, tradition, and art, along with his experience with congregational operations, allowed him to serve as an effective liturgical consultant and project manager.

Massmann Studios was honored to have this talented gentleman as a part of our group. Brent is greatly missed, however, his contribution to Massmann Studios continues to be a blessing to us, in remembering his vision, as we strive to serve congregations....to the Glory of the Lord.